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Spike jonze dating history

Renowned as a ghostly, Garbo-style recluse, this fabled figure has made just three films over three decades. Substance 16 Look 18 Craft 17 Originality 17 Intelligence 17 Total 85 More about The Thin Red Line The highest ranking non-American, and one of the most respected film-makers working today - by his peers if not the general public.

Even so, the wild beauty of his 1973 debut Badlands casts a formidable shadow, while his sprawling 1999 war epic The Thin Red Line at least proved that the master had lost none of his magic. Operating mostly in rural Iran, Kiarostami has often concealed potentially life-threatening political commentary within films of simplicity and compassion.

And now in his fourth decade of film-making, he is still at the cutting edge.

Crash set the entire film world agog with its bizarre sexual constructs; e Xisten Z examined the implications of the virtual world more thoughtfully than most; and Spider superbly summoned up a bleak, decaying Britishness (largely forgotten by our own film-makers).

His next film, with Nicolas Cage playing a plastic-surgery fetishist, is already inducing shudders.

Substance 16 Look 17 Craft 16 Originality 18 Intelligence 16 Total 83 Menace to society: interview Our highest-placed British film-maker is here because of his uncompromising and unique cinematic vision; but, with painful irony, it's also made him the highest-profile victim of Britain's commercial film industry revival.

Substance 18 Look 15 Craft 16 Originality 17 Intelligence 18 Total 84 Jonathan Rosenbaum on Kiarostami's short films People watching: Interview Morris is the joker in this top 10, in that his position is solely down to his documentaries.

But, in a more cut-throat environment, the sensitive Davies has suffered, making only two films in a decade - one of them the international hit The House of Mirth.Until Fargo, they seemed content to mess about in their own particular corner of the film industry; that film's stunning popular success suddenly catapulted them into the Hollywood big league.Substance 14 Look 18 Craft 18 Originality 18 Intelligence 18 Total 86 Double vision: interview More about: Intolerable Cruelty Steven Soderbergh is a one-off: an independent-minded film-maker who has forged a happy working relationship with Hollywood. Soderbergh soothes the studios with expert, intelligent crowd-pleasers like Erin Brockovich and Ocean's Eleven then shifts gear for more esoteric, personal projects (Solaris, Full Frontal).The actual human being in the equation may or may not be aware of the situation, but it makes things that much ickier if they are — especially if the simulation in question is, arguably, not truly sentient in any meaningful sense (for an extreme example, remember that Pygmalion fell in love with a statue Aphrodite brought it to life).If the inhuman entity is based on a real person, expect them to discover what's been going on at some point.

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But he has complicated his medium, too, by mixing drama and documentary, and actors and non-actors, to dizzying effect.

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